Female orgasm: 5 things you don’t know about female orgasm

What is the highest expression of sexual pleasure ? The answer is simple: let’s talk about orgasm and in particular about female orgasm. Also called climax or acme, orgasm manifests itself as an intense sensation of physical and mental pleasure and with an experience of abandonment.  

Not all women, however, experience this type of sensation . And you, how much do you know about orgasm? Let’s find out together some of the most common doubts on this issue .

female orgasm
Female orgasms

Discovering the G-spot: does it really exist? 

Point G is a real existing area . It is actually an area, named after its discoverer – Ernst Gräfenberg, inside the vagina in the front wall, quite close to the entrance. It is recognized because its wall is rough , similar to our palate.

The G-spot also has a strategic position: it is located, in fact, where the bulbs and therefore the roots of the clitoris are.

Is it true that a woman can achieve multiple orgasms during the same intercourse? 

A woman can achieve multiple orgasms , that is, repeated or consecutive orgasms that occur within minutes or seconds.

Also, a woman can experience various types of orgasm:

  • internal clitoral, if it occurs through internal penetration;
  • external clitoral, if it occurs through external stimulation;
  • anal stimulation;
  • squirting, a kind of female ejaculation.

How long does a female orgasm last on average? 

The average duration of a female orgasm is between 10 and 20 seconds, but it is still subjective. For a man, however, the duration is reduced from 3 to 10 seconds.

Is it true that men orgasm more easily than women? 

In sexuality, subjectivity matters a lot.  There is a difference between men and women in the sense that the male anatomical system is a plumbing system with a seemingly simpler operation.  This allows them to reach orgasm more easily, even if there are some more rare cases where orgasm in men does not occur (very rare) or the times are longer.

For a woman it is more complicated precisely because her anatomical part is more complex . Various types of orgasms can be achieved with different stimulations so it is important for a woman to know her body and her pleasure points.

Why is it sometimes so difficult to orgasm?

Sometimes it is very difficult to reach orgasm . This is because we need to analyze the question on two different points:

  • from a psychological and mental point of view , because a person may not let go, not lose control and therefore not allow himself to experience orgasm;
  • from the anatomical point of view , in the sense that the functioning of the woman is more complex and many do not have the awareness of their own body and functioning and this is certainly a limit for achieving maximum pleasure.

Other questions?

Difficulty reaching orgasm is very often a symptom of psychological distress.  Knowing yourself and your body is the first and most important weapon for the pursuit of pleasure

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