Nocturnal emissions treatment: It’s a norm or a disease?

Nocturnal emissions treatment- Many men and young boys in the morning after waking up can find spots of a slightly yellow color on their bed or underwear. By the nature of the occurrence, such discharge is a very reasonable phenomenon that does not require urgent medical intervention. From a medical point of view, this condition is called nocturnal emissions or wet dreams .  There are indicators of the norm.  Exceeding them requires visiting special doctors. But what is polarity?

Nocturnal emissions

What does nocturnal emissions mean?

According to medical terminology, emissions are physiological phenomena in which the uncontrolled eruption of male semen  occurs . The ejaculation process in this case occurs without desire and physical stimuli. Therefore, this physiological state often brings numerous inconveniences and discomfort to men.

Nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) indicate the adolescent’s puberty, which regulates his reproductive age. In an adult man who is sexually active, wet dreams are possible with prolonged abstinence from sex or incomplete intercourse.

It is worth noting that men can face the problem of uncontrolled ejaculation at any time. In medical practice, emissions are distinguished:

  • Daytime: adequate and inadequate
  • Night

The frequency of wet dreams is an individual indicator that depends on many factors. The norm of nocturnal emissions for an adult is no more than 3 times a week. In puberty, the purity of involuntary ejaculation is no more than 5 times in a week and a half.  Exceeding these indicators of the norm requires immediate medical attention.

Cause of nocturnal emissions

The etiology of involuntary ejaculation in a strong half of humanity is diverse and depends on many factors. But, it is worth noting that often the reasons provoking the appearance of nocturnal emissions do not stimulate the development of physiological pathologies.

Due to uncontrolled ejaculation, the man’s body independently frees the organs of the reproductive system from accumulated sperm. This prevents semen stagnation and the development of inflammation in the scrotum .

Medical experts identify the following common factors that trigger uncontrolled ejaculation:

  • Puberty in adolescents
  • Dysfunctions of the hormonal system
  • Dreams of an erotic nature
  • Unstable sexual relationships
  • Prolonged sexual withdrawal

In most cases, nocturnal emissions occur at night during sleep. Daytime involuntary ejaculation tends to be more common among young men.  Involuntary ejaculation during the day is possible with:

  • Lack of ongoing sexual intercourse
  • Excessive sexual arousal
  • Strong physical activity and sports
  • Unstable psycho-emotional state

There are many reasons for nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). An attentive attitude to your health will allow you to accurately determine the etiology of such a condition.

Nocturnal emissions

In medical practice, more often for the help of a doctor, they turn to the problem of wet dreams (nocturnal emissions). This condition is caused by involuntary ejaculation that occurs at night.

One of the main reasons for this state is dreams of an erotic nature or “wet sleep”, which are erased from the memory and consciousness of a man after his awakening. Despite the fact that a man in a dream sees a physically stimulating effect, the dream is not interrupted and the process of ejaculation is carried out spontaneously and unconsciously.

Nocturnal emissions that occur during a full sexual life indicate insufficient sexual activity. They can also be a signal of the development of pathological processes in the organs of the male reproductive system. 

Lack of nocturnal emissions in some cases may require concern for the health of a man. In medical practice, there are two main types of such a condition:

  • Pathological
  • Physiological

The manifestation of regular nocturnal emissions during sleep, in most cases, is the norm. But, with the manifestation of the slightest signs indicating the possibility of the development of pathology, a full-fledged study should be completed.  This approach will eliminate the development of the disease. And with timely diagnosis, significantly increase the chances of a quick and successful recovery.

Nocturnal emissions treatment

Therapy of involuntary ejaculation directly depends on the etiology of their occurrence. To accurately establish the cause of this condition, you may need the help of a therapist, urologist, sex therapist or urologist. If a pathological pollution is established, then a therapeutic course is prescribed based on the results of the examination.

It can consist of:

  • Drug treatment
  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgical clearance
  • Alternative therapy methods

If the nocturnal emissions are physiological, then in order to correct and get rid of them, it is recommended to simply learn how to control this process. For this, experts advise:

  • Stabilize the psycho-emotional state
  • Provide adequate rest in case of excessive physical exertion
  • Create a complete diet with the right foods
  • Observe the daily routine
  • Exercise
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Wear comfortable underwear made from natural fabrics
  • Take a relaxing bath before bed and take soothing herbal teas.

Self-medication of nocturnal emissions of any etiology is strictly prohibited. This approach can lead to the progression of pathological emissions or a decrease in sexual activity in men.

Spontaneous ejaculation does not always indicate the development of pathology in the body of a man.  Regular sex life and a timely consultative visit to a specialist will allow you to correctly diagnose the state of male health.

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