Immunity: Five ways to boost immune system

In the spring and during periods of viral diseases, they often talk about a weakened immunity. This is usually called almost the main cause of all diseases, or at least infectious ones. What is immunity?  Scientifically speaking, it is the body’s resistance to various influences of foreign organisms. Simply put – his resistance.

Life is everywhere. Microbes and viruses are found both in the air we breathe and in the water we drink (not all microorganisms die even when boiled). And following this logic – in our body at the moment there are pathogens of many dangerous diseases, which, under favorable (for them, of course) conditions, could kill us in a few hours.  But precisely because these conditions do not exist, these microorganisms cannot harm us.

As bold as it may sound, traditional medicine has a very vague idea of what disease is and what health is. The exact wording describing these conditions cannot be found in any medical reference book. Most of the formulations boil down to this funny statement: “disease is lack of health, and health is the absence of disease.” And the question arises – is it possible to cure a person without even knowing about these basic concepts?

Five ways to boost immunity

How to boost immunity

From the point of view of naturopathy, disease is a condition where pollution processes prevail over purification processes. Well – that’s already something.  There is at least some clarity here. Naturopathy considers the disease as a forced cleansing process when the body’s pollution has exceeded a critical level. And the most interesting thing is that from this point of view, various “traditional” causes of diseases – such as microbes, viruses, drafts, and so on, are just some kind of triggers that simply start the process. Thus, they are not the root cause.  And all these secondary causes cannot harm a pure organism, because it is impossible to start the cleansing process if the body simply has nothing to cleanse from.  Thus, the issue of increasing immunity is primarily a matter of cleansing the body.

In the context of this, we can also mention the law of karma, which, whatever one may say, determines everything in our world. And the main principle of the law of karma (or one of the main ones) is that a person is always himself the cause of everything that happens to him. And the above-described view of the causes of illness is precisely in full resonance with the law of karma – if we do not pollute ourselves, we stop getting sick.

To consider some external factors that we cannot influence as the root cause of diseases is simply not constructive, because in this case we are deprived of the opportunity to influence our own health.  However, this does not negate the fact that viruses, bacteria, drafts and so on also affect the development of the disease, but only if the body needs cleansing. But whether it is required or not is already directly dependent on us.

In naturopathy, there is an opinion that ecology (on which today it is customary to “hang all dogs”) affects our health in percentage terms with other factors by about 2-5%. The main factor of body pollution (as it is not unpleasant to admit) remains unhealthy diet, bad habits and a sedentary lifestyle).  Thus, everything is in our hands.

Five ways to strengthen your immune system

Thus, proper nutrition is almost a determining factor in the purity of the body and, as a result, strong immunity.  But – far from the only one.  There are also five more basic rules, following which, you can maintain your health.

Healthy sleep

There is an opinion that all the necessary hormones are produced during the period (different sources have different numbers) from about 10 pm to 5 am.  According to another version – from nine in the evening until midnight. Thus, the time from evening to midnight is the most valuable for our health.  And the modern habit of staying up late at the TV or computer is clearly not good for us. Also, during sleep in the dark (this is important, daytime sleep is useless here), the hormone of youth is produced – melatonin. So the elixir of immortality, which alchemists have been looking for for so long, can be said to be healthy sleep.

From the point of view of body recovery, it is much better to go to bed earlier and get up earlier. And here you can give one piece of advice on how to develop this habit – it is almost useless to try to get up early if a person goes to bed late. It is much easier to gradually train yourself to go to bed early and then you can wake up in the morning even without an alarm clock.  To make it easier to fall asleep in the evening, it is recommended to give up various emotionally rich information – films, computer games, social services – an hour or two before bedtime.  networks or some kind of aggressive polemics. You can take the time to listen to classical music or meditate.

Walks in the open air

The modern rhythm of life has practically deprived most of us of this “luxury”, and yet it is necessary for our body, literally, like air. And simple airing of the room does not help here. Firstly, in addition to the freshest air, movement is also important, and secondly, a person needs to be exposed to sunlight at least several times a week. Since the sun’s rays are a source of vitamin D for us.

Also, the sun’s rays and fresh air are for us the sources of the so-called “prana” – vital energy, without which life is inconceivable. We also receive prana through food, and the more natural this food is, the more it contains prana. We are talking about fresh, raw plant foods. In thermally processed – there is practically no prana. But the most natural source of prana is sunlight and fresh air.

Physical activity

In the previous paragraph, this was already discussed, but you can dwell on this in more detail. If you observe animals that are closer to nature than we are, then the animal is practically constantly in motion, except for the time when it sleeps.  We are not talking about pets, which people have already “re-educated” for their lifestyle. They do not need to get food, equip a dwelling, escape from predators: they have eaten and slept, that’s all the care. In the wild, animals are constantly on the move, except during sleep. In the case of a person, the situation is the opposite.  And this becomes the cause of many diseases. For example, a sedentary lifestyle can cause lymph to stagnate. If blood is pumped by the body with the help of the heart, then in the case of lymph, it is set in motion only during the contraction of the muscles of the body,

In the context of the benefits of physical activity, one can also recall the “prana” – during movement, there is a more active movement of prana in the body, which increases the vitality and tone of the body.  Thus, moderate physical activity contributes to the maintenance of health.  Separately, it is worth paying attention to yoga practices, which directly allow you to work not only with the physical body, but also with energy channels. From the point of view of alternative medicine, any disease is a kind of “blockage” of the energy channel. And yoga allows you to work with your health not only at the level of the material body, but also at a more subtle level.

Eliminate sugar in favor of fruits and vegetables

Contrary to common misconception, sugar is not just a pleasant “tasty treat”, but a real poison that depletes and wears out the body. The use of sugar “flushes” trace elements from the body – primarily calcium, which leads to the destruction of bones and teeth. Also, sugar lowers the Ph of the body, namely in an acidic environment, various bacteria and microorganisms feel excellent and begin to multiply actively, but in an alkaline environment, on the contrary, they die. So maintaining an alkaline environment in the body is the key to health. And one of the main steps to alkalinizing the body is eliminating sugar.  As well as flour and animal products, primarily meat, fish and eggs.

To cleanse the body and increase immunity, it is important to increase the content of plant fiber in the diet. It is desirable that raw fruits and vegetables make up about 50-70% of the diet – this allows you to achieve the state of the body in which the processes of purification prevail over the processes of pollution.

Vegetables play a huge role in cleansing the body. By itself, the fiber of vegetables is not absorbed, but it perfectly cleanses the digestive tract.  You can use vegetables in the form of salads, but they should not be cut too finely so that the cleansing effect is stronger. It is raw vegetables that cleanse the body. Heat- treated vegetables do not have a cleansing effect, but are partially absorbed.

Fruits are a source of energy and vitamins. They are easily digested and are considered the most natural food for humans. Fruit and vegetable juices can be separately noted. They are absorbed as quickly and almost completely without loading the gastrointestinal tract. Also, juices (like fruits) play a huge role in alkalizing the body, we have already talked about how important this is. Fruits and juices – are sources of natural sugar and fructose, as well as many vitamins and trace elements.


Swimming, dousing, contrast shower – all this helps to strengthen your immunity.  Various manipulations with high and low temperatures increase blood circulation, which helps to stimulate the cleansing processes. By the way, it often happens that some fanaticism in the issue of hardening leads to a cold.  But as we already found out above, a cold is also a cleansing process – toxins and toxins are removed through the mucus. Therefore, we can say that even in the case of such an experience of hardening, the original goal is also achieved, it is just that the cleansing process begins to go too quickly, which often causes discomfort. But if you gradually increase the temperature load, then this cleansing process can be completely painless.

So, we looked at five main ways to increase immunity and keep the body clean. It is also important to remember that it is not clean where they clean up, but where they don’t litter. Therefore, first of all, it is recommended to change your diet. And then we will gain health, namely the predominance of purification processes over pollution processes. And no secondary causes of disease – we will not be afraid. Our health is in our hands.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar is highly skilled and experienced in treating major and minor general medicine diseases.