How To Use Intimate Lubricants Correctly?

In recent years, the use of intimate lubricants has increased almost as much as the use of condoms. Although it is an area that still generates some modesty, the use of certain products can cause sexual relations to change completely.

Most people use them only to facilitate penetration, but it is true that they can find other possibilities. Discover all its advantages and give life to your sexual relations.

What are intimate lubricants for?

Most women use lubricants due to problems of dryness or lack of lubrication during sexual intercourse. Intimate lubricants are capable of facilitating and softening penetration, thus allowing both partners to enjoy themselves. But this product finds other uses, all of them basic to improve the health and sexual life of those involved.

There are various reasons why anyone can decide to add this product to their intimate relationships. In addition to vaginal penetration, it can also be used for anal sex. This is a delicate area that must be properly lubricated and dilated for the relationship to be pleasant.

In other situations, the size of the penis, anus or vagina involved requires the use of this product almost absolutely. In these cases, the lubricant will facilitate penetration, reducing discomfort. Or there are simply those who use them to have fun in bed.

If you have not yet added any intimate gel to your sexual relations, you should know that the simple use of this product can improve the quality of sex with a partner (and even alone) quickly and easily. It will be possible to play games and experiment with the couple so that it becomes even more pleasant.

How to use intimate lubricants?

There are many ways to use intimate lubricants, in order to achieve greater pleasure.

  • During the preliminaries. Put a little in the palm of your hand and impregnate the vulva and lips. And she starts playing alone or with your partner.
  • Get warm with him. The first rule of thumb before using a lube is to warm it up, and it’s best to do so from any body-to-body contact or friction.
  • There is no wrong way to use a lubricant. You can apply it directly on the body, on the penis or on the condom. Anything goes as long as you put in a dime-sized amount and work from there. You won’t like it if you go too far and it drips excessively, as all friction will be reduced and the touch will be much less stimulating.
  • Choose the ideal for you. Not all intimate lubricants are the same, they vary in their ingredients and in their viscosity. The higher viscosity ones are recommended for anal sex, use with sex toys, and underwater sex. The low-viscosity ones are often watery and are appropriate for vaginal penetration or oral sex.
  • Take advantage of it to improve your orgasms. During sex with a man, apply a few drops of lubricant to his perineum, that sensitive spot between the scrotum and the anus. Just before he climaxes, lightly touch the lubricated spot with your fingers and prepare to send him over the edge.

Best intimate lubricants on the market

Knowing how to use them is just as important as knowing all the ranges that exist. So you can choose the one that best suits you and your partner.

  • Durex Lovers Connect Stimulating Gel 60ml 2u. Presented in two bottles with two gels, which will transport you to a new dimension of sensations in your sexual relations with your partner.
  • Control Wild Nature Moisturizing Massage Gel 3 in 1 200ml. It is a gel solution that comes from one of the recognized brands in the sexual market, for its quality and safety. This Control gel has been designed with a cap that will help provide the most relaxing massage.
  • Durex Water Based Cherry Flavored Lubricant. It is a fruity option for the enjoyment of sexual relations. It is easy to wash, nothing watery or greasy, and has a light texture. Without a doubt, it becomes an attractive option for new experiences but, above all, to improve in terms of sexual health.

Intimate lubricants for sensitive skin by penchant premium

Intimate lubricants for sensitive skin by penchant premium is the best silicone lubricant. Without glycerin or parabens and hypoallergenic. 

Unique concentrated lubrication lasts longer than water-based lubricant. Made in the USA and accepts 510K. Safe condoms. Odorless and discreet, easy to clean and does not stain. Repels water for new found pleasure in the hot tub or anywhere else your imagination takes you.

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