What Are Anti- Hair Loss Patches & How To Use Them?

If you have weak hair and it falls out, these pharmacy anti hair loss patches help strengthen your hair: what they are and how to use them?

Hair patches have arrived to revolutionize and reinforce anti-loss hair products. With the help of a dermatologist, we reveal what they are, how to use them and what types of hair they are effective on.

We follow the advice of pharmacists to the letter to avoid seasonal hair loss, we use the best hair options when it comes to anti-hair loss products, such as the use of hair serums or weekly hair exfoliation. We have also reduced the heat tools that increase the weakness of the hair and also, we have stopped doing tight hairstyles that cause pain in the scalp and what is worse, the so-called traction alopecia. It may seem that we have everything under control, but the truth is that cosmetic progress has no end and we still have a lot to talk about.

If you have weak hair and it falls out even more in the fall, we have deciphered what hair loss patches are, how they work and what types of hair they are effective on. An option that helps to strengthen the hair and increase the performance of the rest of the products of any type of hair routine, with exceptions.

What are hair loss patches?

Hair loss patches “are skin adhesives that are promoted as treatments to prevent and even slow down hair loss and alopecia. Each brand uses different components or ingredients, often natural or proprietary compounds, to which beneficial properties for hair are attributed. They recommend placing one daily on any area of the skin or in areas close to the affected part, “explains Dr. Marta Prieto Barrios, dermatologist and trichologist.

How to use them?

As the expert announces, these small transdermal patches should be placed in the areas closest to the hairline. Its formulas are capable of releasing active ingredients directly into the deepest layers of the skin to stimulate hair growth, improving blood flow and allowing women access to nutrients in the hair bulb.

Of course, not all types of hair can work. “There is no scientific evidence that this type of device works for alopecia or to stop hair loss,” warns Prieto. “In the so-called androgenetic alopecia, the problem is not the fall, but the follicles progressively miniaturizing and the hairs in the successive capillary cycles come out finer and finer, until finally they stop coming out. These cases are not going to resolve themselves, nor through treatments that are not superior to the placebo effect, but medical treatment (using oral drugs or mesotherapy) in the initial phases or even hair transplantation in advanced phases is going to be necessary”, concludes the dermatologist.

Tricovit Hairloss Treatment 28-Patches

TricoVIT vegan hair loss patches
TricoVIT vegan hair loss patches. They contain bamboo, serenos repens, ruscus aculeatus and white nettle.

TricoVIT vegan hair loss patches contain bamboo to protect the hair bulb, serenos repens to inhibit one of the hormones that trigger hair loss, ruscus aculeatus to improve blood circulation in the area and white nettle to promote hair growth. They should be placed at the nape of the neck and adhered for 24 hours. Then it must be replaced by another. From the capillary firm they recommend following the treatment for two consecutive months.

Benefits of TricoVIT vegan hair loss patches

  • Helps hair growth
  • Improves the epidermic blood flow
  • Supplies nutrients and strengthens hair fiber
  • It encourages the microcirculation of the concerned area and regulates both male hormones and sebum

Rueber vicapteina anti hair loss 28 patches

Rueber Vicapteina hair loss patches.
Rueber Vicapteina hair loss patches. 

Another pharmacy option is Rueber Vicapteina hair loss patches, which are responsible for slowing down the fall caused by premature aging of the hair follicle. A daily patch is also used and the effects begin to be seen after the use of the 28 patches included in the product.

Are they better than ampoules and other supplements?

Neither better nor worse. All can produce a notable improvement, but if the problem persists, it is best to resort to a correct medical diagnosis. Some products such as ampoules or shampoos can produce a cosmetic effect of improvement, by increasing the volume or improving the texture of the hair. Supplements may be indicated in some cases where hair loss is due to a specific deficit. However, in most cases, a correct medical diagnosis and treatment with scientifically proven efficacy will be necessary“, warns Marta Prieto.

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