Tips To Lose Weight After 50? 100% Effective

Ways to lose weight after 50 – We have prepared a selection of useful tips that will provide invaluable assistance in such a difficult task as losing weight. Only 90 tricks that really work. No debilitating diets or taking handfuls of magic pills is needed. Each piece of advice has been tested and really works – proven by thousands of happy women over 50 who managed to lose weight according to these rules.

How to lose weight after 50 years

If you also want to know how to lose weight after 50 years, then you are at the right place. Here we will tell you about 90 tricks that actually work.

1. Add physical activity


It’s hard to believe, but there are a huge number of methods that do not include the need for daily physical activity. The slogan “Movement is life” is still relevant. Man was created for an active lifestyle. Our well-being, state of health and waist size are directly dependent on the degree of activity. No crazy loads needed; it is enough to move more than usual and add light exercise.

2. Eliminate sugar and junk food from the diet

Sugar prevents weight loss by increasing the level of insulin in the blood. Insulin not only blocks the process of burning fat reserves, but also provokes their accumulation. Keep in mind that stopping eating sweets is not enough. Sugar is found in its natural form in a number of products: bread, cereals, yoghurts, natural juices. Marketers add health labels to the packaging of many products. But this does not mean that the ingredients do not contain sugar.

3. Improve metabolism

It has been proven that after the age of 35, the muscle mass of our body decreases by an average of 5% for every subsequent 10 years of life. This is if we do not follow the recommendations above.

The body compensates for the lost muscle mass with fat deposits. That’s why it’s so important to pay extra attention to proper nutrition, regular cardio and exercise. A healthy lifestyle speeds up the metabolism, preventing muscle wasting and obesity.

4. Self-confidence is the key to success

If a woman is already over 50, then this is not a reason to stop watching her figure. Nothing is impossible. Enough to believe in yourself. The weak half of humanity can look amazing at any age, you just have to want to. It is never too late to become attractive and get rid of extra pounds.

5. Don’t go on fancy diets

Most popular diets involve severe calorie restrictions. Following such recommendations, you can significantly undermine your health. When the body ceases to receive the usual level of calories per day, it reacts with a decrease in metabolism. To reduce energy costs, the main processes of life are slowed down, which cannot but affect the well-being and health of a person. Moreover, after leaving the diet, which was given so much effort, there is a rapid return of weight to the previous values.

Therefore, it is so important to overcome the desire to quickly achieve results. To avoid deterioration in health, weight loss should be gradual. Well-balanced nutrition programs combined with a training plan will help with this. Set achievable, realistic goals, designate a reasonable timeframe for achieving the desired result. Remember to change your lifestyle, move more, and you will achieve what you want, while maintaining excellent well-being and improving health.

6. Protein is good

Protein is known to be essential for building muscle mass. But those who want to lose weight should be aware of another important property of proteins: regular consumption of foods rich in protein normalizes blood sugar levels. The fact is that the body needs time and significant energy costs for the assimilation of proteins. Blood glucose is the fastest source of energy and is the first to be used up. Thus, protein makes us healthier: it lowers insulin levels, which leads to rapid satiety and prevents overeating. After all, to immediately satisfy the feeling of hunger, as a rule, not healthy foods are used, but unhealthy food from fast food cafes.

7. Be an optimist!

You must firmly believe in your abilities. If you think that you do not have the time, energy and opportunity to lose weight, then there is no doubt that nothing will work out. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Start thinking positively, change your outlook, set a goal to improve your health and appearance, despite all the difficulties. An optimistic attitude will help you lose those extra pounds.

8. Physical education

Physical exercise is beneficial at any age. But, when you are already 50 years old, regular physical education becomes vital. Exercising on a daily basis can not only improve the figure by increasing calorie intake, but also protect against osteoporosis, improve metabolism.

It doesn’t matter if they do classes in the gym or at home, with their own weight or use exercise equipment. The main thing is to do it on a regular basis. And a nice bonus will be your excellent mood and confidence in your irresistibility.

9. You can eat fats while losing weight

To maintain the normal functioning of the hormonal system, fats are necessary. This becomes especially true with age. Do not deny yourself food containing fats. In moderation, fats are only beneficial. They are more caloric than proteins and carbohydrates, which allows you to get full faster and not feel the desire to eat for a long time. Unlike fruits, nuts containing natural fats do not increase blood sugar levels and perfectly satisfy hunger. The inclusion of natural fats in the diet helps to lose weight – this is a proven fact.

10. Carbohydrates – you need to limit, you can not exclude

Do not exclude carbohydrates from the diet. They supply us with energy, improve brain activity, in the end, they just make different dishes tastier. The main thing is to observe the measure.

11. Too many carbohydrates in the diet hinders weight loss


Our body is designed in such a way that it is unable to convert too many carbohydrates into energy. There is a limit to the intake of carbohydrates with food at one meal. When it is exceeded, excess carbohydrates begin to be converted into fat and stored in reserve. Therefore, it should be remembered that carbohydrates are useful in losing weight only in moderation.

12. How to deal with your favorite treats

Losing weight doesn’t have to be painful. Do not deprive yourself of little joys and completely refuse your favorite sweets or cakes. You can pamper yourself from time to time. This will not harm your health and will not detract from your cherished goal of getting rid of excess weight. Unless, of course, you know the sense of proportion.

13. No need to count calories while losing weight

It is not necessary to scrupulously count the calories that you have consumed. This information is not as important as it might seem. To improve your figure, it is much more important to watch portion sizes and make sure that the diet consists of healthy and wholesome foods. And counting calories will only distract from the main thing.

14. Don’t get carried away with fruit

Fruits contain too many natural sugars. A moderate amount of fruit eaten per day is beneficial. But, you won’t be able to lose weight if you get carried away with them too much. Choose fruits with a low glycemic index. After playing sports, on the contrary, it is better to have a snack with fruits with a high glycemic index: dates, oranges, apples.

15. Don’t trust the weight machine completely

There is one feature with daily control weighing. It is necessary to take into account the water balance of the body. Body weight may increase when measured the next day. This does not mean that there is excess fat. Perhaps more fluid has accumulated in the body than it was yesterday. Carbohydrates and sodium tend to retain water in the body. As an experiment, you can recommend weighing yourself every morning for a week. The data obtained will allow an objective assessment of the dynamics of weight change.

16. Working out in the gym is a good way to “dry out” and improve your figure

Moderate exercise in the gym helps not only to lose weight, but also to emphasize the relief of the muscles of the body. In women, weight training cannot cause a dramatic increase in muscle mass. Their testosterone levels are minimal and decrease even more with age. Add weight training to your weight loss plan under the supervision of a trainer. The result will please you!

17. Don’t expect quick results

The most common mistake women make when losing weight is their mindset for a quick result. You should not have any illusions that you can improve your figure in the remaining month before the holidays and the opening of the beach season. Fat goes away gradually. Even if there are no visible results yet, do not despair. Fat deposits are also present around our organs. You will get rid of these stocks in the first place, and then the waist coverage will begin to decrease.

18. Drink water with lemon juice

Water with lemon juice regulates the acidity of the stomach and improves digestion. Make it a rule to start your morning with a glass of water with a little freshly squeezed lemon juice.

19. Choosing the best time to start losing weight

If at the moment you are training according to an intensive method, it is better to wait until the end of the course. Then you can start losing weight. Increased physical activity increases the body’s need for carbohydrates for recovery. Some of them will be converted into fat. The one we want to get rid of.

20. Choose the lesser of two evils

It is not always possible to eat right. Let’s say you are hungry, and the house has run out of food supplies from which you can cook a healthy and healthy meal. There was only a loaf of white bread, boiled sausage, fried chicken and pilaf. In this case, the worst option would be to eat fried chicken. Prefer a sandwich with sausage pilaf. This will be the best possible option. Try not to get into these situations too often.

21. Motivate yourself

How to lose weight after 50

Use every opportunity to motivate. Gather information about the benefits of losing weight, read books and magazines about health, beauty and longevity. It will not be superfluous to attach motivational photos and pictures to the refrigerator in the kitchen.

22. Gather your collection of compliments

There is a wonderful way to maintain self-confidence. Get a notebook and start writing down all the compliments you deserve. On those days when everything seems to be bad and there is no progress in losing weight, just look through the compliments notebook. Reading a collection of pleasant sayings will improve your mood, and you will continue moving towards your goal with renewed vigor.

23. Never snack on fruit alone

It is advisable to use fruits in combination with foods containing fats and proteins. For example, in the form of a fruit cocktail with the addition of nuts. This allows you to lower the glycemic index of fruits, thereby preventing an increase in blood sugar levels. Have you noticed that within an hour after eating an apple there is a strong feeling of hunger?

24. Saturated fats are not contraindicated

When losing weight, you should not exclude red meat, butter or cheese from the diet. Studies show that the health risks of saturated fats are greatly exaggerated.

25. Stop Eating Trans Fats

Trans fats are obtained by converting vegetable oils into heavy fats by hydrogenation. They are found in margarine, biscuits, salad dressings, chips. Hydrogenated fats increase the shelf life of products, but negatively affect human health. Trans fats accumulate in the body, lead to blockage of blood vessels and cause a number of diseases. Stay away from them!

26. Do not worry if you show intemperance in food

There is no need to reproach yourself and be upset if you could not resist overeating. We just draw conclusions and move on. Of course, if this happens time after time, remorse cannot be avoided.

27. Recover strength after exercise

As we age, we need more time to recuperate. Listen to yourself and avoid overwork. Exercising too often will harm your health.

28. Good sleep is important for weight loss

Chronic lack of sleep is the cause of stress and depression, poor health. The accumulated fatigue due to insufficient sleep causes increased appetite. This is due to the effect of lack of sleep on the hormonal system, in particular on the production of the “hunger hormone” leptin. When losing weight, pay special attention to sleep and rest.

29. Warm up before your workout

Warming up the muscles before exercise is very important. Remember, a 5-minute “walk” on the treadmill is not enough to warm up. Use light exercises at the beginning of your workout. This will help avoid injury, and the weight loss program will not be disrupted.

30. Squats Don’t Strengthen Your Abs

Proper nutrition allows you to get rid of excess wrinkles on the stomach. But, for a beautiful figure, this is not enough. It is necessary to do exercises regularly to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It’s a common misconception that squats help flatten your belly. In fact, plank and crunches on a gymnastic ball are more effective.

31. Activity every day

How to lose weight after 50

On days free from scheduled training, you must continue to lead an active lifestyle. It could be shopping or a walk in the fresh air. Don’t let laziness take over!

32. Put down the fork!

Exactly. As soon as saturation has come, put down the fork and move the plate away from you. No one is forcing you to eat the whole portion!

33. Refuse treats

Feel free to refuse the offered treat. You are not required to eat out of courtesy unless you feel hungry or the food offered is not from your diet. Just give up, it’s better for you.

34. Keep track of your hormonal health

In women aged 40-50 years and older, hormonal disruptions occur that accompany the onset of menopause. There are problems with sleep, hot flashes. You may need to take hormonal drugs. Do not put off a visit to the doctor: hormonal therapy under the supervision of a specialist will improve your well-being and allow you to focus on losing weight.

35. Brushing your teeth will help with an attack of gluttony

It happens that it is impossible to break away from eating your favorite dishes. I want to eat more and more, despite the fact that I’ve had enough for a long time. Just get up from the table, go to the bathroom, grab your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly! This method of getting rid of gluttony really works.

36. Ask questions and gain experience

Feel like an inquisitive child! Even if you think that you know a lot about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, continue to study this topic. Ask questions to friends, colleagues, relatives. You will be surprised how many new things you will discover.

37. Lose weight together

The key to success in losing weight and maintaining health is constant work on yourself. This will help openness, friendliness and sociality. Find enthusiastic and purposeful like-minded people. Perhaps your city has health groups for women of your age. Communicate and share experiences, it will greatly help in achieving the goal.

38. Don’t Look for Complex Solutions

There is an endless supply of weight loss programs, tips, tricks, tricks and diets. Often they contradict each other. You don’t have to make life difficult for yourself. Just choose for yourself the program that you like and follow it. Follow simple rules, control your desires, be patient. And your dream to get rid of excess weight will surely come true.

39. Don’t despair

Nothing is given to us just like that, without labor and effort. That’s how life works. Be prepared for the fact that during weight loss you will have to face bouts of despair, the desire to quit everything and return to your old life. But, having returned to your former, comfortable world, it will be more difficult to decide on another attempt to change yourself.

40. Say “NO” to free buffets and banquets

It can be so difficult to resist the temptation to overeat when there are so many delicious dishes on the banquet tables and you want to try everything. Once you feel full, switch to green tea or coffee, drink a glass of water, or grab some fruit. Let your body know that the main food is over. It is better, of course, to avoid such activities during weight loss.

41. “Not the best days” will definitely be

There are days in everyone’s life when you feel especially tired and unhappy. You feel like a squeezed lemon, and it seems that you no longer have the strength to continue your plan. You need to understand that this is a temporary phenomenon. Two or three days will pass and a bright streak will come in life. Mood will improve, well-being, motivation will reappear. Remember this always.

42. Do not forget why we are losing weight

How to lose weight after 50
How to lose weight after 50

Always remember the reason that prompted you to start losing weight. It may be a desire to take part in active games with children and grandchildren, to improve the figure for the next vacation. Perhaps losing weight is only part of your program to change yourself for the better. Always remember the goal you are striving for.

43. We remove from the house everything that leads to temptation

This advice is for those who know they can’t resist the temptation to eat their favorite but unhealthy food. For the time of losing weight, give it to friends or take your favorite bread machine, electric barbecue, jars of jam or condensed milk to the garage. Why put yourself at risk of succumbing to temptation and ruining your weight loss program?

44. We fix our weaknesses and fight them

Usually we have an idea about the reasons preventing weight loss. It can be:
The habit of snacking before going to bed.
Passion for energy chocolate bars in between meals.
Regular overeating due to too large portions.

Take a piece of paper and a pencil. On the left, write down all the weaknesses inherent in you, and on the right – possible solutions. For example, in the case of an evening meal habit:

  • Drink a glass of water
  • Thoroughly brush your teeth
  • Choose low-calorie food for an evening snack: berries, an apple slice, a boiled egg.

45. Don’t procrastinate and dream of better times

Better times will never come – remember that. It is necessary to live here and now. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today: start working on yourself right now.

46. Be idealistic, but leave room for error

Everything we do, we must try to do with full dedication. If you carefully prepare and plan your weight loss, then success will come in 99% of cases.

But mistakes cannot be completely avoided. If you happen to break a diet or skip a workout, do not despair and reproach yourself. Do not focus on the mistakes made – they are already in the past. Having drawn conclusions and taking into account mistakes, continue to move towards the intended goal. Don’t let one mistake ruin all achievements.

47. Keep track of progress

Don’t limit yourself to floor scales for control measurements. Measure your waist, take photos, record any changes in your health and mood. All this is an integral part of the exciting process of losing weight. By observing yourself, you are writing your own success story.

48. Light weight, high rep workouts are ineffective

Do not use the principle of reducing working weights and increasing the number of repetitions in the approach in the training program. Unless, of course, you want to improve your figure, and not stagnate. Many coaches believe that this system improves muscle tone. However, in order to really change the figure, it is necessary to constantly bring the muscles into a state of stress. The body quickly gets used to monotonous loads. It is necessary to avoid this: increase the working weight of sports equipment, rest less between sets, vary the number of repetitions, change the training program. All this will allow you to make your body more embossed and beautiful.

49. Fit and healthy people have become so as a result of hard work

Do not think that only you have to overcome difficulties on the way to losing weight and a healthy lifestyle. All those who are eye-catching with their bodies, who are healthy and energetic, have also put a lot of effort into becoming so, and are constantly working on themselves to remain attractive and maintain good health.

50. Focus on what is possible right now

When planning your program, don’t focus on what you can’t do. Think about where you can start right now. For example, if intense physical activity is contraindicated for medical reasons, start with proper nutrition.

51. Food should be not only healthy, but also tasty

Pick up such recipes for dishes that will bring pleasure not only to you, but also to your family. Dieting doesn’t have to be boring. Beautifully decorated, original dishes made from healthy products will pleasantly diversify your diet and delight your loved ones.

52. Take L-Glutamine Supplements

Many people are deficient in this important amino acid in the body. Going in for sports, we reduce the reserves of L-glutamine, which is spent on muscle growth. Its deficiency impairs endurance. We feel depleted and spend more time recovering. To replenish L-Glutamine, take L-Glutamine twice a day: in the morning, after training, and in the evening, before bed.

53. Eat More Omega-3 Rich Foods

Omega 3

This type of fatty acids is extremely beneficial for the body. Omega-3s are known to protect against cardiovascular disease, help with arthritis, and even reduce the risk of some cancers. For those who want to lose weight, another useful property is especially relevant: omega-3 fats regulate insulin sensitivity, which is the main obstacle to burning fat reserves.

Be sure to include omega-3 rich foods in your diet: fish oil, seafood, fish, flaxseeds and flour, spinach, Brussels sprouts.

54. Whey protein is preferable to casein

Recent studies show that whey protein foods reduce appetite. At the next meal, a person will need fewer calories to feel full. If the previous meal contained casein proteins, this effect is not observed.

55. Chocolate lovers – choose a healthier substitute

Chocolate can be taken when losing weight from time to time. But if you can’t live without it, you should consider looking for a healthier alternative. For example, a chocolate-flavored protein powder substitute can be used. If you add a little water, nut butter and berries to it, you get a tasty and healthy dessert, very reminiscent of chocolate.

56. Cook ahead

It is better to cook food once or twice a week. For example, Monday and Thursday. This will relieve unnecessary worries and free up time for self-care.

57. Equip your car with a cooler bag or car cooler

If you spend a lot of time driving, on business trips or traveling, a cooler bag will allow you to take a supply of healthy products with you. You can avoid snacking on junk food in dubious cafes. There are also special refrigerators powered by the car’s on-board network.

Here is a list of preferred products for the road:

  • Nuts and nut butter
  • Fruit
  • Canned tuna or salmon, chicken meat, rice, lettuce, boiled eggs.
  • Protein powder in a plastic bottle with a wide mouth – it remains to add water and shake well.

58. Don’t forget to be inspired

Collect successful weight loss stories shared online and in magazines by women aged 50 and over. This will help you gain the concrete confidence that you CAN SUCCESS!

59. Take your homemade protein balls and energy bars with you when you travel

It’s a good idea to take energy supplies with you on the road in the form of energy bars and balls. It is not necessary to buy them. There are many recipes for making them at home. It will be cheaper and more useful than buying protein energy drinks on a trip.

60. Complex exercises are more useful than single ones

You will expend more energy and achieve a better effect by performing several exercises in a complex. For example, a combination of lunges, push-ups, and squats burns more calories than single exercises.

61. The freezer is your best friend

When preparing a dish using healthy products, make a double portion. Additional volume can be stored in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator until the evening. Who knows, maybe by the end of the day there will be neither the strength nor the desire to spend time preparing dinner.

62. Reduce Cardio

Of course, you can continue to run, swim, pedal on an exercise bike. However, in terms of weight loss, it will cost too much. The fact is that long-term cardio loads:

  • Reduce the amount of muscle mass.
  • There is no significant burning of calories due to the rapid adaptation of the body to long-term low-intensity loads.
  • Carbohydrates are required for recuperation.
  • A good compromise would be to reduce the length of your workout and include high intensity intervals.

63. Burn fat while lying on the couch

Training, which includes exercises performed at high intensity and muscle tension, starts the process of burning fat. This process can continue up to 48 hours after the end of class. In other words, having worked well in the gym, we can lead an idle lifestyle for another 48 hours, and excess weight at this time will decrease due to fat burning.

64. Cook with pleasure

Turn cooking into a hobby. Have fun finding new ideas and recipes, turn your kitchen into a creative workshop. Try to get the whole family involved in healthy eating. Get together more often at the family table, tasting jointly prepared dishes, with a glass of good wine or a milkshake.

65. Don’t leave food in plain sight

Make it a rule to immediately clear everything that has not been eaten from the table. Keep stocks of cookies, candy, or marmalade out of sight. All this will help to avoid harmful snacks in between meals.

66. Don’t cut out entire food groups


Hypersensitivity or allergies are not a reason to exclude everything from the diet: fruits, bread, vegetables, dairy products. Excluding them from the diet will not only not improve health, but will also cause you moral suffering. Why limit yourself unnecessarily? Show restraint and moderation in nutrition. Find out exactly which foods cause unpleasant consequences, and how much you need to eat for this? Perhaps it is enough to observe the measure. Do not mindlessly disturb the balance of nutrition.

67. Choose a quote or motivating aphorism that suits you

It should be a slogan that you will like and stimulate motivation. Repeat it as often as possible. Here are good examples:

  • I will succeed!
  • What matters is who I become, not who I am.
  • I create my own look.
  • Change your habits, change your life

68. Plan and plan again

Plan your diet at least a week in advance. Having a clear meal plan will make it easier to stick to it.

69. Eat slowly

When chewing food thoroughly, the process of its assimilation is better. Thus, we reduce the load on the digestive system. Do not swallow pieces in a hurry, enjoy your meal!

70. Avoid too long breaks between meals

No need to wait for the usual meal time if you are hungry. If you neglect this simple rule, the likelihood of overeating increases.

71. Prioritize and don’t talk about lack of time

The reality is that the phrase “I don’t have enough time” is a common excuse. Everyone has only 24 hours a day. But this time is enough to complete all the planned tasks for the day, if they are really important. Think about how important it is to you to lose weight, prioritize and don’t hide behind excuses to justify a missed workout or planned walk.

72. Manage your emotions

Have you noticed that you lean on sweets if there is a discord with your loved one? And when you get angry, does your face become angry? You need to learn how to manage your emotions. Uncontrolled emotions are harmful to health and make it difficult to lose weight. Use various psychological techniques and techniques that will help you manage your emotions without resorting to gluttony.

73. Think about the consequences

Every time you feel like you can’t stop yourself from overeating, think about the consequences. How will you wake up tomorrow if you eat all those chocolate bars? In addition to feeling unwell, you will experience remorse and frustration at not being able to control yourself. It is much better to wake up cheerful, fit and with a sense of satisfaction that you have avoided temptation.

74. Never do cardio immediately before weight training

If you have to combine cardio training and classes in the gym on the same day, then it is better to work out on the simulators first. The fact is that running or cycling takes away a lot of strength from the body, which would be useful when performing exercises with weights. But doing cardio after the main workout has additional benefits for burning fat. While jogging, swimming or cycling, the body will use up the remaining glycogen in the circulatory system and switch completely to fats.

75. The body’s need for calories changes with age

The diet that you successfully used three years ago may no longer work. The fact is that our body’s need for nutrition changes over time. This is normal. It is necessary to spend some time on the selection of a new weight loss strategy that will be successful. Remember this.

76. Do not attach much importance to the readings of the scales

During weight loss, weight can change abruptly. If you weigh yourself every day and write down the readings, you will notice that the change in weight is not a linear process. The chart will look like a saw of progress and regression. Don’t worry too much about this. A year will pass, and you will be surprised at what wonderful results you have achieved.

77. Take care of yourself

We are always shocked by the news about people with disabilities and serious diseases who overcome themselves and lead an active lifestyle, against all odds.

Always remember that this can happen to you too: love yourself, take care of yourself, get treatment in a timely manner. Lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle – and the body will surely thank you with health and well-being.

78. Exercise with full dedication

The body is capable of more than we think. If you do not pay enough attention to the exercise, do not follow the technique and do not give all your best, progress will stop. To move forward, you need to work with full dedication.

79. You can lose weight at any age

Drive away from yourself the thought that you are already over 50, and you will not be able to lose weight. The truth is that you can change your body at any age. Losing weight is enough to devote a few hours a week. Anyone can become healthier and get rid of excess weight, using the right methods and recommendations, showing desire, perseverance and patience.

80. Feel the taste of food

Don’t get distracted while eating. You’ll be surprised how much tastier your favorite foods become when you focus on eating.

81. Juices do not contribute to weight loss


Just imagine how many apples or oranges it took to squeeze out a glass of juice. Juices are too high in calories and have a lot of sugar (whether natural or not). Passion for juices is incompatible with a slim figure.

82. Break your diet from time to time

This so-called “cheating meal”. If you find it hard to constantly restrict yourself in food, which leads to a deterioration in mood, this method is ideal for you. Just arrange for yourself an additional meal from time to time, during which there will be no restrictions and you can eat anything. This will help relieve stress, and even improve fat burning by increasing levels of the “appetite hormone” – leptin. Of course, you should not abuse this method.

83. Avoid Buying Foods Labeled “Low Fat”

In such products, to improve the taste, manufacturers compensate for the reduced fat content by adding more sugar. For example, a 200 gram pack of low-fat yogurt contains as many as seven teaspoons of sugar. Truly natural, low in fat, is Greek yogurt. This is yogurt with whey removed after fermentation (it contains virtually no sugar).

84. Stick to a Gym Workout Plan

You can often see a picture when women in the gym randomly move from simulator to simulator, constantly changing the number of approaches and repetitions. For effective training, you must adhere to the training plan recommended by the trainer.

85. Dumbbells are enough for exercising at home

An alternative to visiting the gym may well be home sports. Do not rush to force the house with exercise equipment and barbells. It will be enough to buy collapsible dumbbells with weights up to 20 kilograms and a gymnastic ball.

86. Setting intermediate goals

So that the global goal – losing weight to the planned values does not seem distant and unattainable to you, set intermediate wishes. For instance:

  • Stop eating before bed.
  • Drink alcohol no more than once a week.
  • Get up early so that you have time to do exercises before leaving for work.
  • Start drinking at least 2 liters of water a day
  • Completing these intermediate tasks will give you confidence.

87. Preferred time for physical activity

Any free minute!

88. Do not worry that you have begun to pay too much attention to your beloved

Women tend to take care of family and friends. They are afraid to take care of themselves, because they think that there will not be enough time for family, friends, business ties will suffer. In fact, the opposite is true. By improving your appearance and health, you will become more attractive to others. You will have more strength and energy to take care of family members, communicate with friends and work colleagues.

89. Control your well-being

How to lose weight after 50

If you feel accumulated fatigue or malaise, do not ignore these body signals. See a doctor, give yourself a rest and fully recover. Overwork stops the fat burning process. Just do not let laziness completely take over you during recovery.

90. Don’t compare yourself to other people

All people are different. Be yourself – you are beautiful!

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